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Album Review: A Wilhelm Scream - 'Partycrasher'

3 November 2013 | 5:12 pm | Staff Writer
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Pure punk greatness.

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'Partycrasher' has been in the works for a long time now, with A Wilhelm Scream's last full-length ('Career Suicide') released six years ago. This record is worth the wait and then some, sounding fresh and developed while at the same time retaining AWS' distinct sound. This is definitely one of the band's best albums yet, and one of the best (if not the best) punk releases of the year.

The momentum on this album rarely lets up, if ever. Each and every track slams you in the face with fast-paced riffing and shredding. When you reach the end you'll want to get your face slammed all over again. And again. To really get the most out of an AWS song it requires multiple listens. There's always more to discover every time you hear it. The band just gets better and better with every release and 'Partycrasher' is no exception, containing some of their catchiest and most well-written tunes to date. Incredibly tight and well-rehearsed in every department, the band pulls off complex lines and phrases with ease.

Frontman Nuno Pereira's husky, gravelly vocal style suits the music down to the ground as always. His sound is a perfect fit and when combined with his vivid, biting, blue-collar lyrics, it's clear that Pereira is at the top of his game.

From the exceptionally catchy hooks and choruses on tracks like 'Devil Don't Know' and 'Number One' to the blistering solos and incredible riffs found peppered everywhere else, this album is near-impossible to fault. What A Wilhelm Scream do well, they do really, really well. And what they do is write gloriously kick-ass songs, fusing impeccable melodies with speed and energy that absolutely destroys. Quite possibly their best album yet, 'Partycrasher' will be one of the wisest investments you're likely to make, period.

After waiting so long for this album, it's an enormous relief that it turned out so damn well. A Wilhelm Scream sure know how to churn out some killer tracks and the ones on 'Partycrasher' are among their best ever. If you consider yourself a fan of punk music then this album is an absolute must. A cacophany of balls-to-the-wall shredding, infectious vocal hooks and dazzling songwriting, this is without a doubt one of the best albums of the year.

1. Boat Builders

2. The Last Laugh

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3. Devil Don't Know

4. Number One

5. Gut Sick Companion

6. Hairy Scarecrow

7. Ice Man Left a Trail

8. Sassaquin

9. Walkin' with Michael Douglas

10. Wild Turkey

11. Born a Wise Man