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Live Review: A Wilhelm Scream, The Decline, Anchors

30 May 2016 | 2:48 pm | Yaminah Willcox

"Wilhelm are not a band to do things by halves and their set proved exactly that."

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Upon entering the iconic Tasmania punk venue, The Brisbane Hotel, you can guarantee your shoes will stick to the ground and all you'll be able to smell is beer and sweat. This time was no different. Before too long, a familiar crowd of regulars to the punk scene started to trickle in slowly but surely and there was a small sea of people ready to show the supports some love before the main event. Kicking things off was Melbourne band Anchors, who set the scene for the rest of the evening perfectly. The boys had their own fan base, which included members of the crowd having stints on the microphone and a small blue football being kicked around the room. At the end of their set everyone was well and truly amped for what was to come.

Next was Perth quartet, The Decline. The boys were energetic and engaging throughout their set, really making sure everyone in the room was up and ready. A few very keen participants made their crowdsurfing debut early on in the night and that only amped the boys up even more. People thrived off their energy and the beers were flowing (being knocked and spilt) more than freely.

When A Wilhelm Scream took the stage, the front of the room was packed rather firmly and the sea of punks were more than ready to headbang. All 'round nice guy and lead vocalist Nuno Pereira gave it everything he had and was dripping before the third song. Wilhelm are not a band to do things by halves and their set proved exactly that. Strong melodic riffs and lyrics perfect for screaming meant the crowd were really involved and having a blast. A mixed setlist featuring some old favourites from their 2007 album, Career Suicide, such as I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz and Pardon Me, Thanks A Lot, pleased the crowd immensely. After a number of crowdsurfers and a whole hour in the pit, the time had come to lure the band back onto stage with a resounding encore chant.

Despite having been on tour for the better part of two months now, with no sign of slowing down until close to the end of the year, the band have not tired out and are just as dedicated to bringing the punk wherever they go. Hobart was certainly no exception and if last night's show was anything to go by, you won't want to miss their next Australian show, whenever that may be.

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