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Live Review: 360, Hermitude, Bam Bam

29 June 2012 | 12:30 pm | Jayde Ferguson

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Mention the name Matt Colwell and most people wouldn't really know whom you were referring to, but mention 360 and people can't stop talking about the renowned Melbourne rapper who has recently built a massive profile for himself. Villa came alive for 360's last Perth show for the already souring and quickly sold out Flying Tour. Bam Bam set in motion the night, bringing to the stage beats that hit you quick and hard. His sidekick DJ Jasper was just as involved in set and the duo were quick to get the crowd pumping. In between busting out break-dance moves, Bam Bam had easily built up a strong connection with the audience by his second track, Black and Blue.

Off his soon to be released mixtape, Straight Outta Bedrock, Drink You Sexy was given a humorous introduction about how after a few drinks, that girl/guy that you said you just wouldn't go there for, suddenly becomes the sexiest person in the room. A cover of Calvin Harris' Feel So Close To You was flawless and the set was finished with a bang.

Hermitude brought to the stage a mix of electro dubstep that was more visually appealing than anything else. Multi-instrumentalists Luke Dubbs and Elgusto had impressive techniques with a blend of live keys, mixing and scratching. Maybe just compared to the previous act, but the crowd wasn't worked nearly as good. Most of the crowd involvement came from their cover of Lion Sleeps Tonight, which easily puts any other mix of the track to shame. The mesmerising visuals held you in a trance like state with close up shots of them at work, likewise a dance tribute to Michael Jackson was well received with an enticing mix of Rock With You.

By the time 360 burst onto stage, the sea of people were craving their dose of the rapper everyone can't seem to get enough of. Joined by Bam Bam, 360 brought forward his flowing and sizzling rhymes including crowd favorites Just Got Started and Meant To Do. The mood was slowed down with recently released track Child, a song about his family, before introducing the triple-platinum track Boys Like You to the screaming crowd with the super-sexy Miss Gossling making her way to the stage. Heading overseas in April for his first UK show, it's evident how quickly 360's talent and personality is hooking in its fans. He knows how to put on an electrifying live show – what you see is what you get, and it was a quality performance that had everyone no doubt grooving and talking about it long after.

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