Zack de la Rocha Drops Single, Is Better Than Anything Prophets Of Rage Has Done So Far

10 September 2016 | 12:04 pm | Alex Sievers
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Zack de la Rocha solo material > Prophets Of Rage.

The rumours of a solo album from Zack de la Rocha have been around almost longer as Rage Against The Machine's actual active years. But now we finally have something from the former Rage frontman; his debut solo single, 'Digging For Windows'.

This isn't just a one-off single either, as apparently, Rocha will have his debut solo album in 2017 (produced by El-P of Run The Jewels). 'Digging For Windows' is a pretty cool song all up, and save for his instantly recognisable vocal style, is a far cry from both Rage & Prophets. It's also much better than what the watered down latter has put out over the past couple months.

Aside from his One Day As A Lion project - his old band with The Mars Volta powerhouse drummer, Jon Theodore - and Rage Against The Machine's 2011 reunion, the frontman has been pretty quiet over the years in the musical world. Well, save for a few live appearances here and there, so I'm glad that he's doing something on-record again. Check out 'Digging For Windows' below.

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