Z-Trip: 'Hip Hop Has Run Its Course'

31 July 2012 | 6:24 pm | Sally Anne Hurley

The DJ gets real about the dance world taking over rap.

Mash-up pioneer Z-Trip has come out in support of the recent dance/rap fusion movement, claiming that hip hop music needs reinvigoration.

In this week's The Drum Media, the DJ, whose real name is Zach Sciacca, said he felt that hip hop music “had kind of really run its course.”

Z-Trip admitted he loved seeing the crossover of the two genres. ''It's really great to see cross-polinisation within music – I'm a huge fan of that. I've built my whole career off that so, to see it happening, I'm stoked.”

That's not to say that he's a supporter of just anyone claiming to be a DJ.

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“There was a lot of it that was bad,” he said when discussing some of the recent mash-up music floating around in the industry. "There were people who were mixing together a pop vocal with a funny anecdotal thing that made for an interesting combo, but musically sounded like shit.”

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