YouTube Helps Artists To Find Out What Country They're Most Popular In

4 June 2015 | 2:20 pm | Staff Writer

Hours of fun typing in your favourite bands to see what cities are digging them too!

YouTube has just launched an online insights tool as part of YouTube For Artists called Music Insights, designed to help up-and-comers keep track of what countries their music is most watched, how many views their official videos are clocking and fan uploads of their music.

In YouTube's Partners and Creators Blog, YouTube For Artists' Product Manager, Michael Cumberbatch explains that Alabama Shakes is viewed more in Sao Paulo, Brazil than any city near Athena, Alabama where the band was birthed. Information like this, he says, can be used to grow artists' success on and off YouTube, by showing artists the best places to map a tour, showing a radio station how strong your local fanbase is and to create buzz around your music.

YouTube's Content ID system can also aid artists in tracking fan uploads of their music — quite a handy resource, given unofficial videos can often rack up thousands of views simply because it was posted before the official video. 

The Music Insights database currently offers 10,000 of the most popular artists on YouTube and Google, with more to be added as time goes on. We gave the database a go and found that Tame Impala is enjoying the strongest fanbase in Mexico City, closely followed by Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Cumberbatch concludes his blog with: "Knowledge is power; the more information you have in your hands, the easier it is to bring your music to the people who love it the most".