Yours & Owls Festival Provides Voting Information For The Voice Referendum

21 September 2023 | 12:43 pm | Mary Varvaris

Yours & Owls organisers have provided voting options for punters doing their bit for democracy *and* attending a music festival on the same day.

Yours & Owls Festival

Yours & Owls Festival (Source: Supplied)

Wollongong’s Yours & Owls music festival has shared voting information for the Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Referendum (also known as The Voice referendum), as the first day of the festival clashes with the day Australians will be voting (14 October).

“We have been working with the AEC to request a polling place at the event,” Yours & Owls organisers explained in a statement. “However, stringent electoral regulations and on-the-day logistics mean this wasn't possible.” So, organisers have provided voting options for punters doing their bit for democracy and attending a music festival.

Yours & Owls The Voice voting tips include registering for pre-polling. Early voting in the referendum opens in New South Wales on Tuesday, 3 October. In the next few weeks, you can find out where your nearest Early Voting Centre will be located via the AEC website.

The festival also suggests putting your name down for the Postal Vote option – you can apply for a Postal Vote via the AEC website, with applications closing at 6 pm on Wednesday, 11 October. As well as early voting and postal voting options, Yours & Owls remind punters that there will be ample time to vote at the NSW On Day Polling Booths before rocking up to the festival.

The On Day Polling Booths open at 8 am on Saturday, 14 October, and with music at Yours & Owls kicking off at noon, there’s some time for in-person voting. Find your nearest polling booth via the AEC website in the next few weeks. You can plan your weekend at Yours & Owls by checking out the festival’s map and timetables here.

If you’re unsure about The Voice referendum and what your vote means, you can use the following resources to find out more: the Yes23, Voice, AEC and the Uluru Statement websites.

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If successful, The Voice will be an independent and permanent advisory body led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who will advise the Australian Parliament and Governments on issues that directly face their communities.

The Voice body will be chosen by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, with the wishes of their communities represented.




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