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Young Henrys Craft The Ultimate Brewery Playlist

29 June 2019 | 10:43 am | Jesse "Searlsy" Searls

Think it's time to crack a cold one!

Ever wondered what music is playing while Young Henrys craft your favourites tipples? We asked head brewer, Jesse "Searlsy" Searls, for his ultimate brewery playlist. Think it's time to crack a cold one!

Flame Trees - Cold Chisel

Should be the national anthem.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman - Shania Twain

If this song doesn't make you move, there's something very wrong with you. Also, hectic guitar solo.

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Hells Bells - AC/DC

Best ever opening track ever off the best ever album... Ever.

Thought I Died And Gone To Heaven - Bryan Adams 

"Whoooaa ooooo ooohhh! Whooooaa oooo oooooo oooh!!"

One Vision - Queen 

Fried chicken!

All Star - Smash Mouth 

Just try not to sing the words...

Drive My Car - The Beatles

Could have picked just about any Beatles song from Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt Pepper's or the 'White' album. 

Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes 

When you're covered in dust, up to your goulies in yeast, got hops in your eyes, and drenched in all sorts of bodily fluids, this is the song that makes it all worth it.

Get Me Outta Here - Jet 

Great knock-off song.

Here I Go Again - Whitesnake

High kicks in the brewhouse all round.

Honourable mentions:

Animal - Def Leppard

I work with a pack of them.

Early Warning - Baby Animals

Oz-rock at its absolute finest.

Friday Night - The Darkness 

TGIF baby.