Xbox Announces Music Service After Failed First Attempt

5 June 2012 | 11:00 am | Scott Fitzsimons

After the failing of Zune, Microsoft launch another challenge to music streaming services.

Microsoft launched a new Xbox Music service yesterday at American gaming conference E3 yesterday, which appears to be a revamped version of music service Zune, which Microsoft embraced but failed to find any traction.

Reported by CNet, there are few specifics about the service available but it will likely continue Microsoft's push to make the Xbox - traditionally a gaming console - an 'entertainment hub' for games, music and movies.

The service is expected to include 30 million tracks and be available across Windows 8 devices, including PCs, tables and probably phones.

Sony has a similar service Music Unlimited, which they re-launched in Australia last month, but neither have been able to significantly tap into the streaming market when compared to the likes of Spotify.

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