Why Nick Murphy, AKA Murphnick, Had To Change His Name To Release New Music

11 February 2023 | 11:01 am | Mary Varvaris

"I had been removed from a famous online music platform and legal options were limited."

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Nick Murphy, the former singer of the popular 90s and 2000s band, The Anyones and solo artist, has had to change his musical moniker to Murphnick.

His new song, Fakin' It, from his upcoming album, Strange Ride, out on 24 March, has detailed what led to the name change. Led by noodling guitars and swelling vocals, Murphnick tells the story of how Chet Faker's change to his real name, also Nick Murphy, led to the OG Nick Murphy's music being effectively erased from the internet.

In 2016, the artist formerly known as Chet Faker changed this Nick Murphy's life forever. "This is lyrically the most obvious song on the album, describing my experience when Chet Faker changed his name back to Nick Murphy," Murphnick offers in a press release. 

"He originally became Chet because of me, friends and fans of his were attending my shows, seeing the wrong Nick. His transition back to being NM came with a big publicity push, online and on the street. He was everywhere, images of him were next to my songs online, I had been removed from a famous online music platform, and legal options were limited. I was lost to the determinations of dominant search engines; no one could find me."

And so, Fakin' It was born.

Pre-order Strange Ride here and listen to Fakin' It below.

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