What So Not Is Compiling A List Of Local DJs For International Artists: Are You On It?

1 July 2024 | 3:46 pm | Tione Zylstra

"I need your help if I’m missing anyone from your city.”

What So Not

What So Not (Supplied)

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Australian producer What So Not is compiling a list of local up-and-coming DJs to give to international touring artists, as part of his Dance Dance Revival tour.

In a bid to counter the music festival downturn in Australia, What So Not is throwing festival-style gigs across the country. In doing so, he has started to compile a list of Aussie DJs perfect to perform – and he’s planning on giving this list to international acts to find their openers.

Asking his followers to tell him who is missing on the list, What So Not posted a video to Instagram: “Here’s where you come in. I’ve been building this shortlist of all the exciting young acts in Australia, but I need your help if I’m missing anyone from your city.”

He continued: “When I’m done with this, I’m getting this list to all the big international acts touring Australia, so we get the right people on the right lineups.”

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What So Not’s list seems to be in the form of a spreadsheet, with separate columns for “city”, “act”, “genre”, and personal “thoughts/notes”. At a glance, some names that appear on the list include Brisbane's Akirakhan – What So Not noted “some big tunes here” – Melbourne’s Rakhi with some “dope tunes”, Sunshine Coast’s Progädox with “big doof energy”, and Sydney’s Rackit with some “badass heavy tunes”. 

The spreadsheet is expansive, spanning from Wollongong to Bendigo all the way to Perth, and with 300 comments on his video, What So Not will have a few more acts to add.

In a recent interview with Purple Sneakers, the Lights Go Out producer said, “I have all these super-talented kids that send me stuff, and then they’re not getting shows, or they can't even work out how to make enough money to do it properly. They're all working jobs. So, I wanted to go on a mission to find out not who’s the most popular young person that's already got a bit of a platform, but who are the ones that don't have platforms yet?”

What So Not is also currently petitioning Bunnings alongside Peking Duk to host the “most Australian rave in history” at one of their warehouses.