What Jack White Really Thinks About The Saboteurs Having A Different Name In Australia

22 June 2019 | 9:39 am | Staff Writer

'They wanted to sort of sell the name to us.'

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Jack White and his US supergroup are known as The Raconteurs all around the world excluding Australia where they are called The Saboteurs and now over a decade after being forced to make the change, the revered frontman revealed what he really thinks about the matter.

In 2006, the band were forced to change their name in Australia due to a conflict with a Queensland jazz band who already went by the name The Raconteurs. Speaking to Double J this week, White said, "I love that there was a band with that name".

"So, they wanted to sort of sell the name to us, I guess," White said.

"But we thought, no, you should keep it. It's your name, you had it first. I mean, fair is fair.

"It was great to have a different name some place in the world."

Check out the full clip below.

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Jack White and Brendan Benson of The Saboteurs Interview

Jack White and Brendan Benson tell us what they REALLY think about being called The Saboteurs in Australia 😅

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The Saboteurs were recently in Australia in support of their third album, Help Us Stranger. In a new interview with The Music, drummer Patrick Keeler spoke about making a rock'n'roll record in a world where it feels like most music is electronic.

“People talk about it like it’s a dying genre,” Keeler said.

“It is, in a way: it’s hard to get something on the radio if it’s not recorded on a cell phone. Everything’s electronic, a lot of stuff is produced using the same gear, it all sounds a lot alike. There’s a lot of great stuff, but it’s hard to break through the culture as a rock’n’roll band... It’s just getting harder to find, especially on the radio.

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