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SA Band Hit With ‘Hefty Fine’ By Fire Department After Video Shoot Goes Wrong

1 December 2023 | 11:17 am | Jessie Lynch

Shooting a music video for their latest single 'Desire' didn't quite go according to plan for Adelaide rockers West Thebarton.

West Thebarton

West Thebarton (YouTube/Supplied)

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Adelaide rockers West Thebarton are back in action with the release of their latest single, Desire — and an accompanying music video that ended up with the band being slapped with a hefty fine.

True to life's unpredictable nature, the shooting of the music video for Desire didn't quite go according to plan. As the film crew captured the essence of the track and the band unleashed their energy, the smoke machines cranked up a bit too much, triggering the fire alarms.

The consequence? A visit from Adelaide's local heroes at the SA Metropolitan Fire Service and a fine amounting to a whopping $965 for the unplanned fire drill.

The band, however, are turning this unexpected twist into an opportunity for fans. They're encouraging everyone to check out the Desire music vid, playfully suggesting that clicking on the link is a small price to pay for the chaos they inadvertently caused.

Desire serves as the latest single of West Thebarton's forthcoming new studio album Mongrel Australia due to drop March 22, 2024, via Domestic La La.

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Desire is the pull of the coast, the craving of passion and a feeling of irresistible release when you separate yourself from the world for a split second and escape,” frontman Ray Dalfsen explained to Pilerats.

“I wrote it while reimagining a moment in time, being alone with the person you love, and life stops in its tracks. It might brew a lil milder than what you’re used to but it’s not a ‘fuck you’ to pub rock, more like a ‘keep the light on, I’ve gotta get away for a second, but I’ll be back soon.’”

The record is set to be a follow-up to their 2018 debut, Different Beings Being Different, and features eleven tracks.

Desire is out now via Domestic La La.