Welcome To TheMusic.com.au

5 April 2012 | 3:00 pm | Andrew Mast

The what, the how and - most importantly - the why, of theMusic.com.au.

So there we were wondering how we could push our take on music down even more throats than we already were.

And then someone pointed out that the screen connected to the office typewriter could now transmit moving pictures of kittens spinning on turntables.

A few evenings later the fax machine fell silent as it ran out of paper and we noticed that we could make out the sound of a trumpet and something that sounded like the Star Wars theme.

It seemed that the clip of the funny pageant dancer we had been amusing ourselves with during our late night typesetting breaks actually had sound.

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"Hmmm…" we supposed. Everyone has typewriter screens these days. Perhaps we could use this to our advantage.

Instead of finding a way to get funny pageant girl into our papers, we could perhaps make videos of ourselves playing various brass instruments to some crazy sci-fi song.

So before you could say, "I bags the tuba for a Star Trekkin routine," we were on our way into a new frontier.

As of now, we offer the streetpress ethos online. With the added benefits of being able to stream video and music. Plus there's unlimited space - meaning more photos and more words. We now also have a newsdesk manned seven days a week, which means news stories will appear online as they break.

TheMusic will feature all the content you find in our weekly publications plus extra content generated especially for the site. We have brought together a team of bloggers to cover everything from music and arts to whatever else is on their minds. We are also inviting plenty of guests to blog here as well.

TheMusic will play host to exclusive pre-release music streams and acoustic music performances filmed in our very own low-rent office spaces. We can also bring you audio from stories that normally only appear in print.

Our Your Daily SPA newsletter expands into the most comprehensive local industry hub online - offering wall-to-wall coverage of industry showcases and conferences from Big Sound to SXSW.

We feature reviews from our national team of writers, meaning you get more than one opinion on releases. And from our Australian Musician and Behind The Lines teams we feature all the latest in gear news and reviews.

And then there's our store.

Also, as the weeks roll by we will be archiving all the content from our publications past.

A big shout out to The Working Party, who actually are the world's best design and development team. Not only did they teach us about this whole adding a screen to the typewriter thing, but they love their music and totally knew where we were coming from (“more streams guys!”).

So feel free to switch your home page to theMusic.com.au.

And you thought there'd only be trumpet-playing pageant dancers.

Andrew Mast
SPA Group Managing Editor