WATCH: Ngaiire Talks Indigenous Artists Making It In The Australian Music Industry

11 December 2018 | 11:26 am | Staff Writer

"I think nowadays it’s a very exciting time for coloured artists."

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Season two of Mushroom Group and the Victorian government's Voice For Change documentary series has officially begun and the latest artists featured are none other than Sydney's Ngaiire and Melbourne hip hop artist, P-Unique.

In this episode, Ngaiire discusses her upbringing and how her music was identified by her nationality instead of the music she was creating.

"I think nowadays it’s a very exciting time for coloured artists," she says.

"Conversations have just grown to the point where people are starting to listen, people are starting to go 'Oh, those people are like me!'"

Watch the full episode below. 

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VFC2 Episode 6: Ngaiire

NGAIIRE uses her voice to express the importance of embracing your background, her excitement for multicultural artists, respecting the process and learning through life's seasons. P-UniQue joins the conversation to explore and discuss music, acceptance and overcoming. Is your voice a #voiceforchange?

Posted by Voice for Change on Monday, December 10, 2018

The Voice For Change initiative aims to harness the power of music to impact and positively change lives; the second season specifically focuses on artists sharing their personal journeys and challenges in the industry. 

“Mushroom Group is proud to witness the impact Voice For Change has had within the community to date," Mushroom Chairman, Michael Gudinski, said.

"It is humbling to see the positive response from the aspirational stories shared by these respected Australian musicians, sportspeople and community leaders; proving that success comes from a positive mindset and outlook,despite personal challenges.

"We are excited and committed to harbour and encourage the next generation of Australian Music Industry professionals and community leaders.”

Other artists featured in Voice For Change season two includes Ecca Vandal, Adrian Eagle, FlexMami and B Wise; click here for more details.