Watch: Muso Accidentally Throws Guitar To Photographer Instead Of Tech

14 March 2024 | 2:26 pm | Ellie Robinson

The panicked tog was given a chance to redeem himself as an expert axe-catcher.

Sullivan King and his shocked photographer

Sullivan King and his shocked photographer (Source: TikTok/Sullivan King)

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Of all the crazy shit we see guitarists do onstage, one of the coolest has to be when they finish a red-hot guitar solo, then yeet their axe across the stage, to be caught by their tech with ninja-like reflexes. At a show he played last month, Sullivan King tried to swing that exact power move – only he almost wiped out his photographer instead.

In a TikTok posted by the LA genre-bender, King can be seen messing around with fans in the crowd amid heavy pulsing strobes and a flashing video wall (both of which likely obstructing his view, being right in the thick of it all). He swings around and, noticing his tech, lopped his guitar in their general direction – except the man he threw it to wasn’t his tech, and, holding an expensive DSLR, the photographer opted to swiftly duck out of its way.

The pair shared some looks of mutual panic, before King shrugged and went, “Oops” to the camera filming him.


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♬ original sound - Sullivan King

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After the clip went viral, King returned to TikTok earlier this week to show that his photographer clearly holds no bad blood towards the artist for nearly beheading him with a Schecter – in fact, the pair have spent some time practising the art of throwing and catching guitars from across a stage. King brought the photographer back onstage at another recent gig, showing off that the latter is now able to catch an axe with incredible precision.

Once he catches the guitar, we see that King’s photographer may indeed hold a bit of a grudge after all: after lapping up the crowd’s emphatic cheers, the snapper swings around and thrashes the guitar to the ground, smashing it into pieces.


Replying to @blupillmusic no photographers were harmed in the smashing of this guitar

♬ original sound - Sullivan King

King is currently touring on the back of his third studio album, Thrones Of Blood, which arrived last March via Monstercat. There are hopes he’ll bring the new live show to Australia soon – the last time he was seen Down Under was in December of 2019, when he performed a one-off set at that year’s Origin Fields festival (as well as a pop-up sideshow in Sydney).