Watch Harts Use A Modified WRX Accelerator As A Wah Pedal

5 November 2015 | 3:42 pm | Staff Writer

Also a bloke plays drums on a runway, which is pretty impressive in its own right

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Fuzz-haired guitar virtuoso Harts has truly reached the heights of having the whole world at his feet, being conscripted by global automobile maker Subaru to test-drive a modified WRX accelerator pedal — rewired to act as a wah pedal for his six-string — dubbed the W-Wah-X.

The car company has created a short video of Harts taking the W-Wah-X for a spin after approaching the troubadour with the idea a while back. In it, we see Harts take a back seat with his trusty instrument, acting in collaboration (of sorts) with the car's driver, fellow Melburnian musician Richard Bowers, to operate both the vehicle and the pedal at the same time. The ride-along went down in close co-operation with Harts' label, A&R Department, and music supervisors, Level Two Music, along with 13&CO's Peter Moore.

"Subaru wanted to feature a local musician in the campaign and that attitude plus the cool idea resonated with Harts and Matt O'Connor at the label," Level Two Music founder Karl Richter said of the team-up in a statement.

"The campaign was all local independent talent on-screen. Richard Bowers from Magic Bones drove the car and worked the wah-wah pedal on the WRX while Harts shredded."

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Take a look at how the experiment panned out below.

Harts recently announced that he'd be embarking on an east-coast tour early next year in honour of new single All Rise (Play It Cool), kicking off at home in Melbourne from 14 January.

For a full rundown of dates, venues and booking information, see theGuide or check The Music App.