Wanna Be In The Next Metallica Documentary?

20 July 2023 | 3:58 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Metallica have teamed up with Mercury Studios for the new documentary about the band’s biggest superfans.


Metallica (Credit: Tim Saccenti)

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Do you love Metallica? Have you ever wanted to talk about your fandom for the iconic American heavy metal band? Now you can – Metallica have opened a casting call for a new documentary, and the only requirement is that you’re a “superfan”.

Exclaim reports that filmmakers are after “Big personalities, unique characters and unexpected stories from Metallica fans who consider Metallica to be their favorite [sic] band, real ‘Fifth Member’ types. All stories and walks of life are welcome and encouraged to reach out.”

Metallica have reportedly teamed up with Mercury Studios, owned by Universal Music Group, for the new documentary about the band’s biggest superfans.

When you get to the question, “How much do you like Metallica?” we recommend that you answer, “WAIT, ARE THERE ANY OTHER BANDS?” You can apply for the casting call here.

In August, you can watch two live-streamed Metallica concerts from Arlington, Texas, at your local cinema. Australian viewers can watch the concerts on 19 August (Friday’s show) and 21 August (Sunday’s concert) – you can find tickets via date and location here.

Metallica: M72 World Tour Live From Arlington, TX – A Two Night Event will showcase the band playing two completely different setlists on a “no-repeat weekend”, ranging from 1983’s Kill ‘Em All all the way to this year’s 72 Seasons. Check out the trailer below.

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In April, Metallica stormed to the top spot of the ARIA Albums and Vinyl Albums Chart. Their eighth #1 in Australia, from Metallica (aka The Black Album) in 1991, which has been certified platinum 13 times in Australia, to their live album S&M2 with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the heavy metal legends have enjoyed a string of #1 success in Australia.  

“More than any other Metallica album, 72 Seasons worships the art of the riff,” Kill Your Stereo’s 72 Seasons album review reads. “There are no ballads and no clean guitars until the last six minutes of the album - a very deliberate choice. 

“While their ’80s classics were intricately composed and arranged, and their ’90s albums more compact, 72 Seasons is absolutely packed with a series of riffs, counter-riffs and variations, to the point where they drive the songs even more than James Hetfield’s vocals.

“Always his greatest foil, Lars Ulrich’s less-is-more approach to shaping those riffs hasn’t been this effective since St. Anger; it sometimes feels like he’s summoning the midpoint between Seven Nation Army and Black Sabbath.” You can read the full album review here.