WAMAwards: Everything You Need To Know About WA's Most Popular New Acts

27 September 2018 | 9:17 am | Staff Writer

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Band Of Missfits

Band Of Missfits invent their sound using some unshakable components. The Perth four-piece bare both the smoothness of classic rock and the fuzzier tones of grunge. They can transition from a brooding country swagger to an arena-sized crescendo in a heartbeat. In fact, even when the band is at their most subdued they still sound huge.


Six-piece alt-hop/neo-soul outfit Butter have mastered the art of songwriting in only a short period of time. Their latest offering, August's I Can't Believe It's Not Butter EP, is overflowing with hooks and rhymes.

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Goat Faction

Goat Faction was originally formed in 2011 by brothers Blair and Kyle Lyons as a two-piece experimental, electronic-rock band. They released a home-recorded demo which received airplay on triple j and more. Due to Kyle's relocation to Melbourne, the band took an indefinite hiatus. Cut to late 2017, the brothers re-joined along with former bandmate, Josh Raines on bass and Kirsty Hulka on synthesizer and keys. After refining their sound in early 2018, the band played a supporting slot for UK psychos Buttered Bronson before heading into the studio to record their debut self-titled EP.

I Call Val

I Call Val are a high energy pop rock band from Perth. The four-piece outfit really found their sound after locking in their final member in 2015, mixing dynamic vocals and melodic lead guitar, with political themes and a punchy rhythm section. With a culmination of experienced musicians and a shared passion for the stage, ICV are already making an imprint on their local music scene.

Jack Davies

Jack Davies is a melancholic folk singer mulling around in the dusty town of Fremantle, WA. With a celebrated knack for songwriting and a merry seven-person band of folk heroes (The Bush Chooks), they spend their days serenading the ever few coastal towns of WA.


Jamilla is a Perth-based nu-soul/R&B producer who's been the radar for some time now, and it definitely feels like she took things to a new level with the release of her sophomore single, King. The soulful track combines the two things we've come to love over the past year or so - her penchant for deep, sparse production and her warm, soulful vocals, both of which shine strongly on King.

Scarlet Drive

Drawn together by a shared passion for alternative rock, West Australian band Scarlet Drive have become a firm fixture on Perth’s live music scene. The four-piece band have carved a unique sound of fast rocking tunes wrapped up in a blend of punk, funk and reggae.

Trolley Boy

Indie punk rock outfit Trolley Boy may have only formed last year, but their live presence and demos to date promise big things down the line.

Wooly Mammoth

Indie pop rock outfit Wooly Mammoth return to the roots with new cut Wounds. The four-piece paint epic soundscapes that translate well to the stage.

Yomi Ship

Yomi Ship is a psychedelic/experimental rock three piece instrumental band from Perth, formed mid-2016. Think Pink Floyd meets Mars Volta. Yomi Ship abandon the concise verse-chorus-verse patterns of rock, and move towards fluid, free-form oriented song structures emphasizing spontaneous emotions over calculated and estimated compositional constructions. Members have an average of just 18 years but have a combined live playing/recording experience of more than 20 years between them.