Walken And Muddy Chanter Combine For Keepin' It Flaccid Tour

8 February 2016 | 3:40 pm | Staff Writer

This'll get you excited.

This Feb self-confessed "ultimate super best friends" Walken and Muddy Chanter are joining forces and hitting the road.

The Keepin' It Flaccid tour - the message being that things don't have to be that hard - will see the two bands kick off on the Sunshine Coast before busting in the front doors of 11 or so venues on a path all the way down to Melbourne. This is Walken's second co-headline tour in recent months, after releasing Even If It Kills Me late last year, but with a new drummer and guitarist, and Muddy Chanter showing off some new tracks, this is going to be a whole new road show.

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