Voyager Cancel All 2024 Tour Dates As Singer Danny Estrin Recovers From Cancer

26 March 2024 | 9:27 am | Mary Varvaris

“Touring in the way that we know it is probably not possible in the foreseeable future.”


Voyager (Source: Supplied)

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Perth-based synth-metal band Voyager have cancelled all 2024 tour dates – including their rescheduled Australian tour – as singer Danny Estrin continues cancer treatment.

Voyager urge fans to seek refunds from ticket providers and apologise for not being able to tour.

“Dear extended musical family, we have to share some bittersweet news with you all today,” the band wrote on social media last night (25 March). “Good news is: Danny’s chemotherapy is working, the bad news is: we have made the decision to cancel all 2024 live performances.”

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As well as making a written announcement, Voyager shared a video to explain their decision further. “For those of you who don’t know, I had a very, very nasty cancer diagnosis at the end of last year,” Estrin began in the video statement, accompanied by his supportive bandmates.

“I had some major surgery, and I’ve been doing chemotherapy ever since – every two weeks – which is probably the most brutal thing that I’ve done ever,” Estrin continued. “It basically means a week of feeling like absolute crap and then slowly feeling better until it hits you again.

“The good news is that the wonderful team of oncologists and nurses have been doing such a fantastic job that the cancer is shrinking, which is awesome because there’s nothing worse than you feeling like crap and it doing nothing.”

While Estrin’s cancer treatment is looking good and “going in the right direction”, he’s physically unable to tour while undergoing such intense treatment.

“Touring in the way that we know it is probably not possible in the foreseeable future,” the frontman said. “That’s really, really hard to say. Most of the things that we had planned for 2024 in terms of touring will not be able to do.”

Revealing that it was a band decision to cancel all tour dates, Estrin’s bandmates recalled how they had to remind him that he’s dealing with an aggressive tour and can’t just get on the road despite wanting and wishing he could.

Cancelling tour dates is obviously bad news, but there is also good news: Voyager will remain active as a band. “We’ll be doing other cool stuff, and a lot of cool stuff is happening, and the creative juices are flowing. It just means that touring in the way we know it is off for a little while,” Estrin said.

The band ended the video by telling fans they want to return with an almighty bang, with a humorous reference to the advertisements authorised by the state government of Canberra. You can watch below.

If you want to support Voyager in other ways, you can purchase merch from Wild Thing Records (AU)Kings Road (UK/EU) and Merchbooth (USA) outside of Australia and sign up for their Patreon.

Reviewing their last show in Brisbane for The Music, Carley Hall praised Voyager for living up to the hype brought on by the band’s appearance at Eurovision. Hall wrote:

If there were ever any suspicions about whether this band’s bark was bigger than its bite, they’re quickly quashed. Voyager has spent half its lifetime as a band with members coming and going around its mainstay, Estrin; the Voyager that we see now on stage have had 10-plus years of playing together – and you can hear and see it in action.