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Volbeat Join Filter For Sideshows In Wake Of Megadeth Cancellation

13 February 2014 | 12:34 pm | Staff Writer

Hacktivist will open the shows.

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After Megadeth's controversial cancellation earlier this week, plenty of metal fans were wondering what was going to happen to Danish rockers Volbeat, given they were set to be appearing on Sidewaves with the thrash legends. Thankfully alternative arrangements have been made which now allow Volbeat to headline two of their own shows with some very, very tidy supports in tow.

The band have a live show that brings together their disparate influences into one very entertaining set of music. They love Johnny Cash as much as they love Pantera and it shows in their unique brand of heavy rock music.

Joining them on these two dates are industrial mainstays Filter, who went a long way to proving their longevity with the release of last year's The Sun Comes Out Tonight and maintaining a pretty big presence on the road in support of it, but who also retain a really solid back catalogue including a couple of smash hits like Welcome To The Fold, Take A Picture and Hey Man, Nice Shot.

Opening the shows will be British five-piece Hacktivist, who will be in Australia to preach their intelligent and insightful views on the modern world, accompanied by massive beats, a wall of sound and a disparate array of music from hip hop to nu-metal and good old fashioned rock music.

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All three groups line up for two super intimate shows in under a fortnight's time in Sydney and Melbourne. The dates are in theGuide below and tickets are available from tomorrow morning onwards.