PREMIERE: Eskimo Joe's Kav Temperley Drops 'Last Of The Wine' Clip

16 September 2022 | 1:35 pm | Emma Whines

Another taste of forthcoming album 'Machines Of Love & Grace'.

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Australian music iconic and Eskimo Joe legend Kav Temperley has dropped a new single titled Last Of The Wine, the third off his new album Machines Of Love & Grace.

Premiering today via The Music, its music video sets a nostalgic scene as Temperley deals with some heavy subject matter in the song. 

Describing the new track, Temperley explains: "Last Of The Wine is about drinking and domestic violence and how the two often meet in the middle. I imagined a love story where someone is locked in a room dreaming about someone somewhere else while dealing with a complex love-hate relationship that they can’t escape from.

"Jumping at shadows and flinching every time they lean in for a kiss. At night they stare out at the moon with a glass of wine in their hand and imagine the same moon shining its light down on the one they love and just for a moment they feel alright."

Written, recorded and produced by Temperley at his Studio in Fremantle (Studio 42), the song feels clean and spotless. Overall, it's a catchy track, with sharp guitar hooks and big stadium vocals that really the carry the emotion of the song. 

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While there are similarities between his Eskimo Joe hits and other solo efforts, there's something softer and more pop-centric to this new single.

On the new album, Temperly delves further into heavy subject matters and his "incredibly strange and unique experience of the past three years of the pandemic". 

The tracklist will include already released titles like Graduation Day, Machines Of Love & Grace, Last Of The Wine, and other unreleased titled like Emergency In D Minor.

Machines Of Love & Grace is set to drop the 19th of October

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