Victor Wooten Calls Out Fans Asking For Free Bass Advice On Facebook

21 March 2016 | 2:26 pm | Staff Writer

"If you really want to learn from me, then purchase my educational products, listen to my records, and attend my live shows"

Iconic bass master Victor Wooten has spoken out against fans approaching him on social media for free advice as to how to better play their instrument, directing them to "go and do your own work".

In a post uploaded to Facebook today, Wooten — a multiple Grammy winner, bassist for Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, and three-time Bass Player magazine Bass Player Of The Year — explains that he is "repeatedly asked (through Facebook) to give bass tips, lessons and advice" and, while "I absolutely love and appreciate all my friends and fans … but I do not give bass lessons through Facebook".

"I've already done my work," he wrote. "Now it is your turn.

"If you really want to learn from me, then purchase my educational products, listen to my records, and attend my live shows.

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"I've made records, DVDs, videos, books, and I am part of a smart phone app called Bass Guru. I play concerts, do clinics and workshops around the world, teach every month at Berklee College of Music, and have just started my 17th year of hosting music camps. You can learn from me (and support all that I stand for) by purchasing these products and taking advantage of my other teaching/learning opportunities. In this way, we are helping each other as all teacher/student relationships should do."

Wooten acknowledges the financial limitations and pressures experienced by some of his fans but nonetheless asserts, "You don't need lessons from me or a better instrument to improve". 

"You need a stronger desire and more determination to make the most of what you do have," he wrote.

"My mother, as a determined child, learned to type (as fast as her teacher) by drawing the keyboard letters on a piece of cardboard. Children in Argentina can't afford musical instruments but still learn music deeply and perform concerts using whatever they have. With 'fake' instruments made from paper, these amazing children play to hundreds of people. The music coming from their hearts is loud enough for everyone to hear.

"So, please understand me clearly. I don't want to come across as upset or rude, but I do want you to know that I love you and appreciate your support! I will also continue to personally answer my messages, but you probably won't get an answer from me if asking for bass tips, lessons, or advice via Facebook. And...please don't ask me to give you an instrument."

"My advice: 'Give Facebook a break and start listening to more music,'" he continued. "'You can do both of those for free.'"

See his full post below.


Lessons on Facebook? Sorry...but no!I am repeatedly asked (through Facebook) to give bass tips, lessons, and advice. I...

Posted by Victor Wooten on Sunday, March 20, 2016