[UPDATE] US Band Ask People To Pay $5 To Watch Sex Tape After It Leaks Online

10 May 2016 | 11:34 am | Staff Writer

"Today, without our previous knowledge nor consent, a personal video was released."



Questions are being raised as to the authenticity of US band YACHT's alleged sex tape, with many online users suggesting that the video doesn't exist and is simply a marketing ploy. 


While some believe it could be promotion for a potential video clip for their track I Wanna Fuck You Till I'm Dead, others who have claimed to purchase the video say that it leads to a dead link.



Following these claims, the Music attempted to purchase the alleged tape, which lead to a page with a 'servor error' message, which was then followed up by an email with a receipt attached, advising that no money had been taken due to an error with the video. See the receipt below. 


However, while YACHT have not released any more statements since this morning, there are those that claim the video is indeed real, including Daniel Bogan, who the band revealed as the person who designed the website where the tape can be accessed.


See some of the comments below. 

US band YACHT are asking people to pay $5 for a sex tape they made which has since has leaked online without their consent. 

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Band members Jona Bechtolt and Claire L Evans today issued a statement on their Facebook page confirming that the tape does exist. 

"Today, without our previous knowledge nor consent, a personal video was released," the statement reads.

"It was intended for us only. We don’t feel the need to justify the reason we made it. Anyone reading this who has been in a long term partnership understands that preserving the relationship is an ever-changing and challenging thing. It’s especially difficult when the lines between career and romance are as merged as ours are.

"Just because we are public figures does not mean we asked for this. Like anyone, we still deserve to have a choice about what we share with the world. Today we no longer have that choice. But our hope is that you fundamentally understand that choice and you choose not to view a private act that was inadvertently made public. We hope you understand that this is not a delicious scandal. This is an exploitation."

Shortly after, the indie act followed that post with another statement, asking that if people do wish to watch the video, that they pay for it via a website they created. 

"This video is out there now. We can’t change that. But we can try to be 'as YACHT as possible' about it and take some kind of ownership over what has happened," the follow-up statement reads.

"So we’re asking you one thing: if you feel like you 100% have to see this tape, don’t stream it on some tube site, or download a torrent. Instead, we beg of you to download the video, Louis C.K.-style, directly from us."

YACHT also confirmed that they have commenced legal proceedings against the individual who leaked the video. 

See the full Facebook posts below.