Urthboy Explains Headline Touring Retirement

8 March 2023 | 10:11 am | Mary Varvaris

"Part of this record is savouring every part of it, and it’s really hard to do it."

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Urthboy’s Savour Every Moment tour is kicking off next Friday, with the Aussie MC and producer revealing that it will be his final-ever tour in a new video posted to social media.

Yesterday, he posted the news, which gained quite a few responses and decided to address fans’ concerns through a video.

“This is not something I’ve been hiding; I did actually say it when I first announced the tour,” Urthboy began. “I’ve done a lot of tours, and I’ve had a lot of great times - incredible times, in fact.

“Part of this record is savouring every part of it, and it’s really hard to do it,” he continued, assuring listeners that going on a final tour wasn’t an easy choice to make.

“Touring and performing live gives you as an artist - me as an artist - one of the most powerful feelings of connection with the music that I make and the songs that I write, and that is all because of you,” Urthboy stated. 

He hasn’t decided to bill this as the last tour just to sell more tickets, but with a cheeky grin, he added, “I’d love it if you stopped hesitating and bought those tickets.

“It is really, very genuinely about appreciating the incredible set of experiences and tours and live shows I’ve had over the years,” he continued. 

“Now the gory side of it is that COVID has kind of broken me,” he said almost halfway through the video.

Urthboy will continue to play shows, but due to the prohibitive costs of touring - bands are breaking even if they’re selling tickets, so we can only imagine how difficult it is for those who aren’t selling out their shows - he needs a break from the grind of headline touring. 

Urthboy also said that he and his team are the ones who put on the tours, from paying for flights and paying the band and crew to handling all the publicity. It’s all become too much, and he doesn’t want to make and play music only to be a routine - Urthboy wants to savour what’s special.

To summarise, Urthboy wrote on Facebook, “Ending something gives more space to truly appreciate it.”

View the full video below. You can buy tickets to Urthboy's final headline tour here.

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I posted earlier and it generated a lot of responses so here's my explanation about why it's my final headline tour. I really hope you come to a show. To summarise: Ending something gives more space to truly appreciate it ❤️

Posted by Urthboy on Monday, March 6, 2023