UNFUN FEATURE: Our Past Days - Top 5 90's video games

9 November 2015 | 2:59 pm | Staff Writer
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Our Past Days' Mikey Kerr provide his ‘Top 5 90’s video games’ list. Catch the band at UnFun.

UnFun returns in 2015. Taking place in Sydney, the boutique festival again features a host of local artists, with the event stretched across two stages.

Taking a decisively 90’s theme, over the weeks leading up to the festival, Killyourstereo.com will run a series of ‘Top 5′ features with respective bands on the bill. This week, Our Past Days' Mikey Kerr provide his ‘Top 5 90’s video games’ list.


Crash Bandicoot -

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It's probably one of the biggest games of the 90's, you're either currently 12 years old or you lived under a rock if you're not aware of Crash. I mean, running from boulders, crazy flying masks, wumpa fruit, breaking stuff, what more could a kid want.

Pokemon Yellow -

Every Pokemon game ruled, there's no doubt about it, but aside from naming yourself and all your Pokemon rude and obscene words to laugh at with your friends, Pikachu spent the entire game being a thug and walking around with you and he wasn't too shy to tell you how much he disliked you. This is easily my favourite Pokemon game.

Super Smash Brothers -

This game was completely on the tail end of the 90' so we're not sure that it count, but it's such a good game that we'll challenge anyone who wants to say this game does cut it as a "90's game" to a little 1v1 action.

Age Of Empires 2 -

"How do I turn this thing on" enough said...

Mario Kart 64 -

One of the most beloved games ever made, this game offers one of the best multiplayer experiences that Nintendo has to offer. Four player split screen battles were the cherry on the cake for this masterpiece.

Catch Our Past Days performing at UnFun, which takes place this November in Sydney. You can purchase tickets via The Factory Theatre.

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