UNFD Signs Ferocious Rap-Metal Outfit HourHouse

24 June 2023 | 11:54 am | Mary Varvaris
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"We’ve begun the movement, and together it’s time to show the world.”


HourHouse (Source: Supplied)

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The Melbourne-based independent heavy music record label, UNFD, has just signed the proud New Orleans rap-metal outfit HourHouse to its expansive roster.

HourHouse is: vocalist Milly, guitarist and clean vocalist Neeco, drummer Robb, Travv on bass and backing vocals, and guitarist Mattie providing further vocals.

Before you look at rap-metal and think about Rage Against The Machine, Korn, Linkin Park or something cringe-worthy, be assured: HourHouse are completely unique, and there’s nothing embarrassing about them.

Their first track on UNFD, Do It Like, is heavy as hell. Downtuned guitars and breakdowns accompany trap beats as Milly spits brutal bars between screams. You can check out the heist-driven music video and the band's signing clip below.

Citing influences as diverse as Korn and Meshuggah to $uicideboi$ and Kendrick Lamar, HourHouse are here to leave a fresh mark on the heavy music and rap scenes.

Do It Like is about our impact on the rap metal genre as a whole and displays who we are as individuals in this group,” Milly said about the track in a press release.

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“The verses are a multitude of street lingo mixed with ferocious screams. Lyrically, it starts as a recollection of the world that surrounds them, then turns into a mirror to the state of the world. Mentioning the violence and madness we all have to survive daily and that, for some, there isn't an escape.”

On signing with UNFD, Milly added, “Signing to UNFD is a dream come true for us. A roster full of creative heavyweights, and a team of amazing like-minded people. They give us 100% creative freedom to keep pushing the limits with our music, which has always been the most important thing to us.

“With UNFD, it doesn't really feel like a label, but more of a helping hand guiding us along the way, offering their endless insight and direction, while still giving us the freedom to grow HourHouse in a manner best suited for us.

“It's just easy to see how bright our future is with them. Our fans can expect a flood of new music on the way, awesome announcements, and killer shows. We’ve begun the movement, and together it’s time to show the world.”