Underground Playlists: New Music From Emerging Talent Sweetie, FELONY. & More

21 March 2023 | 3:39 pm | Emma Whines

Underground Playlists are back and better than ever, thanks to the legends at Mountain Goat Beer. In fact, we’ve decided to pick out our favourite tracks each week and share them with you, so you can get to know the best of the bunch and keep your finger on the pulse. Here are this week's top picks for our Underground Playlists...

Andre Winter (VIC)

Watch The World Spin

Andre Winter has burst onto the scene with his first-ever single, Watch The World Spin, which blends pop-electronic and alternative R&B elements to create an uber-cool soundscape. Inspired by artists like The Weekend and Justin Bieber, Winter's sweet-like-honey vocals power through the single and lift it to a more unique standing of pop. Acoustic guitars, modern drum beats and on-trend synths create a strong vibe as Winter goes through the motions of mental health struggles and watching the world go by. This is definitely a song (and artist) that we could see cracking the top 40 charts in no time. 

Sweetie (NSW)

Liminal Bliss

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Sweetie formed when friends Lily Keenan (vocals, guitar) and Rikki Clark (drums) decided to start making the music they'd been watching from the crowd for years, and they've quickly built a reputation as a must-see act in Sydney. Their most recent single, Liminal Bliss, is punchy and hard-core and brings all the best things about indie-punk/rock into one tight little song. Filled with grungy guitars, catchy hooks and on-brand exciting vocals from frontwoman Lily Keenan, Liminal Bliss is Sweetie’s best song yet, and we’re sure they’re just getting started. 

Chirine (NSW)

Scarred From Love

Some incredible soul-RnB music is making the rounds in Australia, and Chirine is a woman leading the pack, especially with her new single Scarred From Love. Similar to the likes of Jorja Smith or Summer Walker, her silky smooth vocals lull you into submission, easily falling into the melancholy groove of the song. Releasing singles since 2021, Chirine has delivered hit after hit, but nothing quite as throughout and well-executed as Scarred From Love. Acoustic guitars are picked, as bass-heavy beats guide Chirine's voice as it sings about love and heartbreak and invites you to experience everything she’s gone through. 

Distracted, Marksman Lloyd (TAS)

Bella Hadid

Tassie producer Distracted has pulled out all the stops for his newest single, Bella Hadid, with wordsmith Marksman Lloyd. Tasty, groovy and full of hooks, notes and beats that want to make you dance until the early house of the morning. ‘Feel good’ is a little bit of a lazy description for this song, as it delivers so much more, from the unique synths provided by Distracted or the clever, elevated bars delivered by Marksman Lloyd. This is a guaranteed house party anthem that will get everyone up from the couch and on the dancefloor. 


Bag Of Youth

Bag Of Youth is the second single from Alternative pop artist FELONY. who’s gone and knocked it out of the park with this massive anthemic tune. Catchy guitar riffs, driving drums, and FELONY.’s stellar pop/punk-y vocals crash together in this song and create a track that was born to be played on massive stages. Majorly nostalgic and full of unique sparkle, there is something about Bag Of Youth that puts FELONY. years above the rest of her peers. It’s clear we’ll see her headline some huge festivals sooner rather than later. 

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