Two Door Cinema Club Join 'The Green Room' Just Hours Before Their Glastonbury 2019 Set

28 June 2019 | 11:50 am | Staff Writer

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This week's episode of The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast is going international!

Two Door Cinema Club's Kevin Baird joined the show this week on the phone from the UK, just hours before the band took to the stage at Glastonbury 2019. 

On this episode, Baird discusses the trio's new album, False Alarm and their newly-announced Australian tour, as well as why Two Door Cinema Club are in a much better place now following a fateful 2013 North American tour that led to the band taking some time off. 

"I think we needed to have that experience to know that if the band isn't there, we'll be OK," Baird told host Neil Griffiths.

"There was this huge fear that if the band doesn't exist, who am I? And that led to emotional soul searching for each of us during that period when we weren't together... that experience allowed us to appreciate so much more the very lucky position we're in."

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