Turns Out That Drake Is Into Death Metal

13 June 2023 | 1:34 pm | Mary Varvaris
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This death metal vocalist is Drake's "twin flame".

Drake & Entheos vocalist Chaney Crabb

Drake & Entheos vocalist Chaney Crabb (Source: Supplied, Twitter)

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Drake has shocked his own fans and metal music lovers alike by revealing that he follows the technical death metal outfit Entheos and that he actually likes their music.

Taking to Instagram, the Hotline Bling rapper shared a reel of Entheos vocalist Chaney Crabb to his Stories earlier this week. The reel featured Crabb unveiling a crushing vocal clip of the band’s song Absolute Zero from their new album Time Will Take Us All.

Crabb is an impressive vocalist with a massive range, going from deep painful lows to screeching, hellish highs. She honestly sounds scary to the uninitiated of death metal.

"Chaney Crabb my twin flame,” Drake wrote in his shared Instagram Story. Crabb has since screen-shotted his reaction and posted her response to social media, writing on Twitter, “This was not on my 2023 bingo card. Shout out to Drake for spreading the good word and putting a bunch of people on to metal. So cool. Much love!”

As Loudwire reports, Entheos recently returned from a huge North American tour opening for the one and only Whitechapel.

Entheos are currently signed to Metal Blade Records. Absolute Zero stems from Time Will Take Us All, the band's third album, released earlier this year. Check out the music video below.

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The Drake x Entheos crossover is the strangest one we’ve seen since Shaquille O’Neal said he wanted to get involved in a SPEED mosh pit.

Last August, Shaquille O’Neal stood up for Sydney hardcore group SPEED when former professional basketball player turned right-wing religious commentator and attempted politician Royce White shared a viral video of the band performing at Sound And Fury festival in the US.

White commented on it stating, "And I’m the one with a Mental Illness? We are in a spiritual crisis. What in the false catharsis is this? Vegan coke heads getting right up on the edge of physical confrontation to deal with their unresolved despair and angst — Only faith in God can do that. Gloves Off!"

Instagram account viralclipz also shared the video, asking fans "Who's going to this concert lol." O’Neal commented on it saying "me". Could we potentially see Shaq deep in a SPEED mosh pit? And Drake getting in a wall of death?