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Tributes Flow For The Angels' Doc Neeson

4 June 2014 | 1:15 pm | Staff Writer

"God bless you mate, travel safe"

Tributes have begun flowing for The Angels's frontman Doc Neeson, whose passing was confirmed today.

Chugg Entertainment Chairman Michael Chugg told, “Doc Neeson was one of the nicest people I have ever met and spent time with and an inspiration to everyone who wanted to be part of Australian music. With the Angels he continued the list of great bands from Adelaide which started in the '60s and continues today.

“The Angels inspirational live shows were a sight to behold & showed us how to do it.

“Still today when I travel the globe people ask me about Doc and the Angels and his passing will be felt all over the world.

“God bless you mate, travel safe, Chuggi.”

Michael Gudinski, founder of the Mushroom Group who this year released a three-disc The Angels greatest hits with Alberts, told theMusic, “He was always a gentleman, very intelligent and well spoken and yet on stage he was one of Australia's greatest frontman of all time and brought a uniqueness to one of Australia's best rock bands.”

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Gudinski said, “The Angels could have been enormous internationally, and the great things is their songs are unique and they stand up today. He really put so much energy into his shows and the strength of the band itself, as they've continued with Dave Gleeson, shows the strength of the material – and Doc Neeson was a part of that.

“They had not only so many big songs, but so many anthemic songs.”

He added, “The band were better known internationally than a lot of people realise. Whenever crew come over for international tours, they always ask from that band. He really did bring theatre into rock and the songs will live on forever.”

Premier Artists' Managing Director Frank Stivala told theMusic that “It's a very sad day for Australian rock history. Doc was one of the true legendary performers of our era and it's very, very sad to see him go.”

He said, “I have a lot of memories with Doc. It goes back to their start with The Keystone Angels and then they peaked and toured the world… then he wasn't well but came back for the reunion tour. So I remember three phrases of Doc Neeson, the early days, the peak days and the later days. All of them have great memories.”

“I think he'll be remembered for a long time, one of the true gentlemen and great performers of Australian rock history.”

“Alberts today has not only lost one of its greatest and most loved creative innovators, but also a true friend,” said Alberts' Managing Director David Albert in a statement.

“Even within the last few months, Doc was in the building sharing his infectious passion with all at Alberts. Long after Doc is laid to rest, his distinctive sound and contribution to the local and international music industry will resonate for generations to come.”