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Tom Morello Has Written A Song With Post Malone

24 February 2023 | 3:58 pm | Mary Varvaris
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... And he believes it can be the next 'Beat It' in commercial success alone.

(Post Malone by Stephen Booth, Tom Morello: Supplied)

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Tom Morello has revealed his next collaborative partner after working with the Italian band Måneskin on their track Gossip: Post Malone

He believes that the song they've written together can take over the world in the fashion of Beat It - the Michael Jackson classic with a ripping Eddie Van Halen solo and Toto's Steve Lukather playing the verses - in commercial success alone. Post Malone just needs to finish his parts.

In a new interview on the Allison Hagendorf Show, the Rage Against The Machine guitarist said, "We worked out a pretty sick jam. To me [it] felt like it could be, for him, like his Beat It, y’know, with Michael Jackson, a big pop star, paired with Eddie Van Halen and made something that no one had expected. ‘This could be your Beat It, dude!’ He just won’t finish the song."

In a transcript shared by Guitar World, Morello went on to share how the meeting between the unlikely pair took place. "We went into the studio together one night. I had heard that he was a fan of rock, and so I went by, and he is a lovely dude."

He continued, "First of all, he’s just a lovely, lovely person. He is trippy. You know how some people have guitar techs, or drum techs, he had a Coors Light tech! [Laughs] There was a guy whose sole job apparently was just make sure there is a stack of cold Coors Light… It took about four hours of sitting around with Coors Light before we did any recording."

Morello sees Post Malone from time to time and tells him, "‘You’re still dropping the ball on that one.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, man, I’m gonna do that.’ I’m like, ‘Okay.’ [Laughs]. It’s sick!"

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Opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers across Australia, The Music noted about Malone's performance, "Rockstar is a set highlight for the crowd and for Postie himself, giving him the opportunity to recreate the cliched guitar smash and drink toss, and although it’s hard to watch another guitar fall victim to the stage, the broken pieces make great souvenirs for front row fans."

Judging by Post Malone's screaming vocals in this video, we think he has a heavy album in him. We just need to hear the song with Tom Morello first.

Watch the interview with Tom Morello below.