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Tom DeLonge Teams Up With Fender To Release Limited Edition Signature Guitar

26 July 2023 | 12:38 pm | Mary Varvaris
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"Together with Fender, a brand that is deeply rooted in my musical identity, we’ve created something that really stands the test of time."

Tom DeLonge holding his signature Fender guitar

Tom DeLonge holding his signature Fender guitar (Source: Supplied/Fender)

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Fender have released a new Tom DeLonge Signature Stratocaster guitar twelve years after launching the original partnership with the blink-182 guitarist.

In 2001, Fender and Tom DeLonge partnered up for their first signature guitar after the musician played a 40th Anniversary Stratocaster early in his career.

DeLonge, a pop-punk icon, may not be Eddie Van Halen, but he has inspired generations of listeners who have grown up listening to First Date, What’s My Age Again, Dammit, and many more. The Tom DeLonge Signature Stratocaster has a light blue body with a white scratch plate, one pickup and one knob, with easy playability and eye-catching simplicity at its core.

The new Signature guitar arrives as blink-182 wrap up a lengthy US tour – their first since DeLonge’s return to the band in October – and before they head to Europe for more dates and drop their new album later this year, which features the band’s reunion song, Edging, and a teased Anthem Pt. 3.

“I try to write music that is accessible and easy to play and enjoy so that people can come along for the ride. This simplicity really inspired this new signature Stratocaster,” DeLonge said in a statement.

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Explaining how the guitar aims to emulate his signature sound, he added, “It just has one knob and one pickup, which just makes it easy to turn it up, play and sound great, especially important when you’re in front of a crowd and already have plenty to think about.

“On top of that, the bright colours give it a timeless, California feel that stands out on any stage. Together with Fender, a brand that is deeply rooted in my musical identity, we’ve created something that really stands the test of time - like I strive to do with my music.”

Justin Norvell, Executive Vice President of Products at the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), commented about the renewed partnership with DeLonge in a statement, “As a guitarist who has left a lasting mark on the punk rock and pop-punk genres, Tom DeLonge continues to look for ways to innovate and inspire aspiring musicians around the world.

“The Tom DeLonge Stratocaster marks a highly anticipated continuation of Tom’s long-standing relationship with the Fender brand and is a celebration of his influential style and musical legacy. This signature release provides guitarists with a no-nonsense, high-output instrument that features top-notch specs and an effortless blend of power and playability that allows them to channel their inner rockstar.”

The Tom DeLonge Signature Stratocaster costs $2,399 in Australia, $1,299.99 USD, £1,299.00 GBP, €1,499.00 EUR and ¥192,500 JPY. You can find out more about the guitar on the Fender website.

Check out Fender’s In Conversation with Tom DeLonge video below.