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Tina Arena Blasts Aus Radio Stations: A 'Filthy Approach To Business'

31 August 2023 | 1:50 pm | Mary Varvaris

"I’m not going to pay a radio station to play my music."

Tina Arena

Tina Arena (Credit: Kidd Sauve)

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Tina Arena is the latest guest on Sean Sennett’s Time To Talk podcast, and on it, she used her appearance to detail one of her pet peeves of the music industry: pay-for-radio-play.

According to Arena, major labels pay the big radio stations to spin their artists’ music, something she refuses to do as an independent artist since 2007’s Songs Of Love And Loss.

Arena called the music industry model “commodified” and hit out at the record label executives who she claims say, “This is the template you’ve got to follow... then you go to him because he makes hits, then you’ve got to play this game if you want to get on to radio.”

She continued, “Radio is all about money. If a record company is prepared to pay, you’ll get played. If you’re not prepared to do that, forget it; the doors shut.

“It’s a filthy approach to business. I can tell you some conversations I’ve been privy to that would make your toes curl. But I’m not going to pay a radio station to play my music.”

During her appearance on the Time To Talk podcast, Arena also discussed her new album, Love Saves, her early inspirations, and the personal highs and lows of her career in the music industry. You can listen to the entire podcast episode below.

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Last week, Arena starred on ABC’s Q&A and performed a new song from Love Saves, Cry Me A Miracle.

Accompanied by a piano player, Arena sang her way through the epic power ballad Cry Me A Miracle, proving that she can write new songs that stand alongside her expansive discography. Not missing a note or beat, she offered a pitch-perfect performance.

Love Saves is Tina Arena’s first album in eight years and was released on Friday, 14 July. Love Saves represents a re-birth - a musical journey of Tina’s life during the pandemic, a renaissance of sorts. 

Fans can experience Love Saves and other Tina Arena classics in theatres nationwide this October.

Arena’s upcoming Australian tour begins at the Perth Concert Hall (8 October) before taking to the outdoor stage at HOTA on the Gold Coast (13 October), Melbourne Town Hall (20 October) and Adelaide Festival Centre (21 October), following the already announced Sydney show (7 October) at Night at The Barracks.