Thy Art Is Murder offer a new war-cry with 'Death Squad Anthem'

7 June 2019 | 1:38 pm | Alex Sievers
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Thy Art have dropped a war-cry for the hopeless age of our current Anthropocene, 'Death Squad Anthem'.


Following up the titular track's release of their next record, 'Human Target', Thy Art Is Murder have dropped a new war-cry for the hopeless age of our current Anthropocene and our vastly disillusioned political landscapes: 'Death Squad Anthem'.

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There's honestly nothing else that I can say about 'Death Squad Anthem' other than that it's simply just a Thy Art Is Murder song. From the structure and flow, to the similar lyrical topics of revolt, political unrest and expendable masses, to the tone and riff output, it's all just pure Thy Art Is Murder. Nothing more, nothing less. To the point where it almost feels like the group are self-plagiarising themselves, as this new single sounds like a faster alternative version of the title track from 'Dear Desolation', sans that previous songs guitar solo and not including this new tracks backing siren samples.

Excusing the somewhat silly song title and CJ's overuse of the lyric "21st century death squad anthem", 'Death Squad Anthem' is, at the very best, fine. Yet it's also nothing that special or that spectacular, coming from one of Australia's and deathcore's biggest names right now no less; a great band who can and have done better in the past. If you were hoping for something actually fresh or different, then you'd best look elsewhere, I'm afraid. However, if you're apart of their loving mob who are looking for a familiar-sounding yet relentless circle-pit anthem from the Aussie metal outfit, then this new song might just be the ticket for ya.

'Human Target' drops on July 26th. Suss out 'Death Squad Anthem':