Thy Art Is Murder guitarist featured on The Jasta Show

1 January 2016 | 3:56 pm | Staff Writer
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Thy Art Is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh recently sat down with Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta as part of his ongoing podcast series, The Jasta Show.

Thy Art Is Murder guitarist Andy Marsh recently sat down with Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta as part of his ongoing podcast series, The Jasta Show.

With the departure of long-time vocalist CJ McMahon just prior to Christmas, the local metal outfit is currently searching for a new frontman, with Marsh affirming the replacement process will be done in "private."

Speaking with Jasta, the guitarist commented:

"I'd rather not start another circus revolving around the band. We like and love what we do, and we like playing heavy music, but, at the same time, we're low-key guys. We don't want all this attention. We want to create our own short-list in private and hopefully people are respectful to us that we keep that in private, and it goes through the motions behind closed doors and [we can then] find someone that we love because they have to represent our music and what our band is to people, and they have to be our friend - that's the biggest one, really. For a band like us that's what's most important. Whoever we get will be good, no doubt, but they also have to fit in with us and sit in the van, sit in the bus and sit on the plane, and be bored for 20 hours a day with us."

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Thy Art Is Murder released their current studio album, 'Holy War', in 2015, which polled as the #7 Australian release in our Album of the Year poll.

You can listen to the entire interview below: