Thousands Sign Petition To Keep 'RocKwiz' On The Air

12 February 2019 | 10:53 am | Neil Griffiths

Last week SBS announced the popular show would not return in 2019.

More RocKwiz (Live) More RocKwiz (Live)

Almost 20,000 people have signed a petition to keep RocKwiz on the air just a week after SBS confirmed the popular music trivia show would not be returning in 2019

Following the network's announcement last Monday, the response from fans has been overwhelming, with some even calling for another TV network to pick up the program.

The petition currently has a target to reach 25,000 signatures. Click here to sign the petition.

Appearing on Nova's Tim, Kate & Marty show last Thursday, RocKwiz co-host Julia Zemiro revealed the news wasn't so shocking to the team, saying, "... we sort of knew three years ago, so my grieve has passed".

"So what's funny is like, three years ago, it’s like, 'Is it maybe time?' We were like, 'Oh no, we think we’re still doing quite good stuff," Zemiro said.

"And they’ve gone, 'Oh, we’ll see'. Then it was a ‘no’ and then it was 'Actually, maybe in the next financial year'.

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"TV stations are funny places. They have a certain amount of money and they want to do things with it..."

The Music has contacted SBS for comment.

After premiering in 2005, RocKwiz ran for a total of 14 seasons up until 2016. In a statement given to The Music on Monday, SBS said, "After more than a decade, SBS has made the decision not to commission a new series of RocKwiz

"We thank the production team for all of their work in entertaining Australians over the years – 12 seasons, in addition to multiple specials and live shows, is an incredible achievement for any TV series. We also recognise the many dedicated fans who have supported the show since it was first shown on SBS in 2005."

Though the TV format is over, the live RocKwiz spectacle will continue, with its Really Really Good Friday show confirmed to go ahead this April, as well as at Bluesfest 2019. 

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