This Space Is Ours Dish On Their Favourite Melbourne Artists

30 November 2022 | 1:50 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Nth Rd make "unique metalcore [music] that utilizes elements of nu-metal and alternative music. We consider Nth Rd our big brother band, as we have been their support band numerous times."

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Fresh off releasing their new single, My Name, This Space Is Ours want to discuss the local artists they love and anticipate making waves.

For the uninitiated, This Space Is Ours are a Melbourne-based pop-punk band making empowering songs packed with singalong hooks, booming drums, and ripping guitars. Think of Tonight Alive, Jimmy Eat World, or Turnstile - the band find inspiration in pop, rock, and hardcore music.

My Name was inspired by misconceptions: "I wrote the lyrics about the frustrations of being perceived as fragile when you have actually been through a lot and survived it," remarked singer Gemma Dunsmore. 

This Space is Ours is Dunsmore (vocals), Mark Sterner (lead guitar), Sam Pratt (rhythm guitar), Harry Wingrove (bass guitar), and Van Marks (drums). Their latest banger was mixed by Beau McKee (Delos, Paperweight, Raised) and recorded at Pony Music, Studio Delos and United Pop. The thrilling music video that sees the band members turn into monsters was directed by Matt Bird and videographer Ben Graham with the group styled by Nikki Pouki of Little Shop of Horrors (Mornington).  

So, without further ado, let's find out who the band have been pumping in their playlists.

Five emerging Melbourne Punk-Rock artists This Space Is Ours love

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Excuse For An Exit

They are a brilliant lgbt+ melodic emo band from the Gippslands. Gemma, in particular, has always admired lead vocalist Edelle's powerful voice.

Last month, Excuse For An Exit returned with their new single, Not Here For You, a firecracker of a single that screams in defiance against homophobia and bigotry experienced by band members and displays the kind of confidence you don't see from a band that only formed in 2019 and faced multiple strict COVID-19 lockdowns. Kicking off with a ringing riff, the Gippsland band fire on all cylinders and keeps up momentum from their 2020 debut EP, Hot Mess, and follow-up singles, Ugly Cry and Death Of Me. Read about the album that changed guitarist Elise Felsbourg's life here.

Nth Rd

Unique metalcore that utilizes elements of nu-metal and alternative music. We consider Nth Rd our big brother band, as we have been their support band numerous times.  


Energetic alternative rock band from Melbourne's West that are so fun to watch live. We were on the same lineup as Everlyne and were so blown away that every single member of our band bought their merch straight away.

B!tch Eyes

Unique hard rock duo consisting of two kick-ass females, one on drums and the other with vocals and guitar. Similar to Everlyne, we were on the same lineup and absolutely loved watching them.

To Octavia

The most well-known band on this list, To Octavia are an alternative metal band. Their sophomore EP, Somewhere in a World, Not of the Dream, has been on high rotation since we saw them live at Unify Fest.  

Check out My Name below or stream it here.