This Is The Exact Moment Our Photographer Got Knocked Out Cold By The Pinheads

6 October 2015 | 1:14 pm | Upasana Chatterjee


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Boy, things got really hot and heavy at Yours & Owls Festival Weekender in Wollongong over the weekend. And by hot and heavy we mean, the blood rush was real hot and the boot to the head our photographer Peter Sharp copped from The Pinheads was real heavy. 

Sharp was shooting his first band of the day, raucous rock'n'rollers The Pinheads, when two songs in lead singer Jez delivered Sharp an unintentional flying kick to the head as he jumped down into the photo pit. Out cold for a minute, with our other photographer Josh Groom unable to rouse him, medical staff at Stuart Park helped carry Sharp backstage where he regained consciousness thanks to the medics. 

Speaking to The Music, Sharp says the whole thing was so surreal that he doesn't even remember taking the photo. 

"I feel like someone else took the photo or something. I don't remember much but I'm getting these weird flashbacks of my childhood memories, it's really weird. I also remember the medics kind of punching my chest to get my heart to beat irregularly, so that it would wake me up.

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"Josh [Groom] tells me after I fell down I kind of half got back up again, looked really pissed off about missing the photo or something, then my eyes just rolled back and I fell back against the barrier again. The back of my head is really sore from that."

Sharp underwent a CT scan at Wollongong Hospital and is now okay, albeit probably a little amnesiac.

"I'm really feeling the support from Yours & Owls, though. They all came back to check on me, Yours & Owls' festival organiser Ian Laidlaw has been great, the security and medics were great, Josh was great, The Pinheads all came to make sure I was fine too.

"It's a great story and something to laugh about now."

Josh Groom and Peter Sharp at Wollongong Hospital ER. Photo supplied by Josh Groom

Funnily enough, instant karma got Jez, who later on in their set injured himself on a speaker. On a call with The Music, Jez said he felt a bit of blood running into his eye, the scorcher of a day causing him to feel a little lightheaded, but didn't suffer a concussion. Jez recalls that two weeks ago he cut his head on another speaker at a show in Manly. 

We're glad both Peter Sharp and Jez are okay, but let this be a testament to a true rock'n'roll photographer, someone who manages to get the shot right before he's knocked out cold.