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THEESatisfaction Write To Heal Pains Of Past

21 October 2012 | 3:00 pm | Celline Narinli

Writing is a form of therapy for Stasia Irons of THEESatisfaction

Stasia Irons of hip hop soul duo THEESatisfaction has opened up to TheMusic in a recent interview, explaining that a lot of their writing has acted as a form of therapy for the pains of their past.

Irons explains:  “Writing and just creating songs is a way to release a lot of the pain and stuff that we went through growing up and just being in school and being rejected and feeling on the outside of things a lot. We definitely are happy that we're able to turn that negativity into something good.”

Irons continues to reflect on the negativity of society, as she muses: "There's gotta be some light in all the darkness that's all around. We're constantly fed with a lot of dark images and bad things, watching the news and even not watching the news, you know?”

“Life can get tough. You want something to look forward to or be hopeful about. That's what we're on.”

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