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The Wiggles’ 1994 Classic Album 'Yummy Yummy' Available On Vinyl For A Limited Christmas Run

5 December 2023 | 1:15 pm | Claire Dunton

There are only 500 copies available to order, and Wiggles fans can choose their vinyl in one of the four iconic Wiggles colours: red, blue, yellow or purple.

Photo of The Wiggles

Photo of The Wiggles (Source: Supplied)

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Impressed Records has announced that they will be releasing a limited run of The Wiggles’ 1994 Yummy Yummy album this Christmas to only 500 lucky fans.

Yummy Yummy was the group's second album, featuring the original cast of Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Greg, bringing us tracks like Hot Potato, Fruit Salad and D.O.R.O.T.H.Y, which transcend generations.

Impressed Records, Australia’s first direct-to-fan vinyl brand, says the vinyl release will be available in the four iconic Wiggles colours: red, yellow, blue and purple. It’s expected that the vinyl will sell out quickly and will arrive in time for Christmas.

The re-release of Yummy Yummy also coincides with the upload of the full-length 1994 Yummy Yummy episode on YouTube, for parents wanting to transport their little ones back to the ‘90s when the original four were rocking out with Dorothy.

“The Wiggles are a cultural juggernaut. A band that’s won 17 ARIAs and become Hall of Famers, reached millions of people globally and spread more joy than any other in Australian history. You can watch them on TV in over 190 countries.

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“Their average streaming numbers would make most major pop stars cry. Legions of kids that have grown up with The Wiggles now play them to their children (and sometimes grandchildren!) so we are absolutely thrilled to be putting this album on vinyl for the first time, available globally,” Impressed Records said.

The Wiggles are, without question, Australia’s most popular and profitable entertainment export. The band and brand has had an enduring presence in Australian culture since the group formed in 1991, and just last week they took out the coveted position of Australia's most-streamed local artist on Spotify. The Wiggles tour through Australia with great regularity, and while the bandmates may change - the music, look and feel of The Wiggles remain.

The recent resurgence of vinyl records has meant that adored records are being re-released in limited numbers so that fans can secure a slice of history and add these iconic names to their collections.

Fans of the original Wiggles can order their Yummy Yummy record now, which is $69.99 with a real-time count of the number of records left in the 500 allotment.