The Stetson Family Pay Tribute To The Late Andrew Carswell

16 March 2016 | 1:18 pm | Staff Writer

"Andy felt music very deeply, and his understated approach to life found its way into his playing."

Melbourne Americana outfit The Stetson Family have publicly addressed the tragic news that band member and former mandolinist for My Friend The Chocolate CakeAndrew Carswell, had passed away over the weekend

In a tribute statement given to theMusic today, the band revealed Carswell died after a three year battle with cancer.

Read the full statement below.

"The Stetson Family's mandolin player Andrew Carswell died last Sunday after a valiant three-year stoush with cancer. Those close to the band know that he had been sidelined for periods due to the illness and the side-effects of his chemotherapy treatment. 
"Carswell, or Eck as he was known in the band, was a unique individual; smart as a whip, a philospher on life and all things Jean Luc Goddard, compassionate, self-effacing and simply hilarious. He faced down cancer with great courage and a fierce desire to spare others and keep it low-key.
"When the Stetson Family played at the Post Office Hotel the previous Sunday, Andy looked a little unwell but he was high-spirited, put in a great couple of sets and we all had a fabulous time.  He certainly didn't let on how serious his condition was and we had no idea this would be our last gig together.   
"Andy felt music very deeply, and his understated approach to life found its way into his playing. He had a unique ability to produce melodies and fills which were simply perfect for the song: restrained, yet so lyrical that you couldn't help but follow and feel the melodies. He is the only player in the history of music who never asked to be turned up, only down. 

"It's an understatement to say we're going to miss him and The Stetson Family won't be same without him. His songs will continue to be sung and his laughter and razor-sharp wit will be with us wherever we are, and we’ll selfishly mourn his passing ‘cause we just loved having him around.
"Andrew is survived by the love of his life, Carolyne, and his beloved little dogs Stan and Reggie."