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The Maggie Pills Announce New Album & Release Single 'Hope Is A Risk'

17 March 2023 | 3:57 pm | Mary Varvaris
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The mere thought of finding hope and positivity in this world is a risk.

(Pic by Triana Hernandez)

Argentine-Australian rockers The Maggie Pills’ new single, Hope Is A Risk, is the opposite of doomer-ism rhetoric: it’s a positive number that reminds us of the joys of being alive.

The Maggie Pills formed in Melbourne in August 2019, just one month after founding members Delfi Sorondo and Mario Perez moved to Australia. The outfit has developed a reputation for their live shows and relentless gigging, while their lyrics explore the destruction of land, displacement of rightful owners, discrimination and sexism.  

The futuristic synth-punk single stems from the band’s upcoming debut album of the same name, due for release on Friday, 16 June.

The album was mastered by Aussie music legend Joe Carra (Amyl & The Sniffers, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Courtney Barnett).

Hope Is A Risk is a cathartic release,” singer-songwriter Delfi Sorondo reveals. “It is an expression of nonconformity with the many labels and designations that everybody gets for being a part of something and with the supposedly ‘necessary’ approval of others to get to where you want to be or achieve your goals. There is no room for everyone, and we are often not a part of it.

She adds, “Being hopeful in this world is a risk. The action of moving forward, creating things that may come out the wrong way or crush your dreams. Going all out for what you want without any safety or guarantee. We are nothing. But nobody is anything, and that’s hopeful and freeing.”

The single also arrives with a thrilling, kaleidoscopic music video directed by Peruvian-Australian director Triana Hernandez, complete with Latin tones of telenovelas and a touch of Australian-Mad Max imagery.

Hernandez says, “The music video for Hope Is A Risk is an ode to all the things that help us believe in the otherworldly - from Jesus to aliens and powerful sunsets - as well as a celebration of the thrill of taking risks.

“As a Peruvian-Australian director working with an Argentinian-Venezuelan-Australian band, the creative collaboration was extremely powerful because we all understood the song was about believing in everything and nothing at all as a forward movement through life.”

Check out the music video below and pre-order the album here.