The Lemonheads Announce 30th Anniversary Edition Of 'Come On Feel'

14 March 2023 | 9:56 am | Mary Varvaris

The 30th anniversary of the album will be released on 19 May.

(Come On Feel 30th anniversary album art)

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US rock group The Lemonheads are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their sixth album, Come On Feel The Lemonheads, with a reissue of the 1993 classic.

The 30th anniversary of the album will be released on 19 May and features its original 15 tracks, including the singles Into Your Arms, Big Gay Heart, It’s About Time, and The Great Big No. 

As well as the original tracklisting, the celebratory release also contains unreleased demos, rarities and covers - the second disc features covers of Victoria Williams, Buddy Holly, Cole Porter and The Flying Burrito Brothers songs.

The 30th-anniversary edition of Come On Feel comes in CD or vinyl format, including a limited release of red and yellow vinyl. Pre-order your copy here. Check out the alternative version of Being Around and a cover of Buddy Holly's Learning The Game below.

The Lemonheads last returned to Australia in December 2019 as part of the Fairgrounds Festival as well as some sideshows. 

We reviewed their show in March 2018 and found, "After a lengthy delay, The Lemonheads took to the stage and, with a quick, "Hello, how's it going?", launched into Down About It from the Come On Feel The Lemonheads album. It was a blistering intro and set a pace that rarely let up for the rest of the show, covering 28 songs in just under one hour, 20 minutes."

The Evan Dando-led band featured Aussie musician Nic Dalton (Ratcat) during the Come On Feel The Lemonheads era, on bass guitar.

Come On Feel (30th Anniversary Edition) Tracklist:

Disc One

Side A

01. The Great Big No

02. Into Your Arms

03. It’s About Time

04. Down About It

05. Paid to Smile

06. Big Gay Heart

07. Style

08. Rest Assured

Side B

01. Dawn Can’t Decide

02. I’ll do it Anyway

03. Rick James Style

04. Being Around

05. Favorite T

06. You Can Take it With You

07. The Jello Fund ( + Lenny – hidden track)

Disc Two

Side C

01. Big Gay Heart (Demo)

02. Being Around (Alternative)

03. Into Your Arms (Acoustic)

04. Down About It (Acoustic)

05. Deep Bottom Cove

06. Acoustic Rick James Style

07. It’s About Time (Acoustic)

Side D

01. Miss Otis Regrets

02. Learning the Game

03. Little Black Egg

04. Streets of Baltimore (Acoustic)

05. Frying Pan

06. He’s On the Beach

07. Favorite T (Live in Session)