The Chats Call Out Brisbane Venue For “Anti-mullet” Policy

9 May 2019 | 6:56 pm | Staff Writer

“How does my haircut suggest I’m going to hit someone?"

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Brisbane venue Ric’s Bar has come under fire from local pub rock outfit The Chat, with the band’s bassist and frontman Eamon Sandwith alleging he was refused entry due to his mullet.

Sandwith took to the band’s Facebook, stating that the venue’s “anti-mullet prejudice is total discrimination”.

“I’ve been told by someone at Ric’s that ‘at the end of the day, venues have a responsibility for their patrons and would rather prevent someone getting hit, than waiting to after the fact’,” Sandwith said.

“How does my haircut suggest I’m going to hit someone? I’ve never even been in a fight. Prejudice starts with bullshit like this and leads to venues refusing entry to people for all sorts of stupid reasons.”

Ric’s Bar has since responded via Facebook, simply stating they “do not have a ‘no mullet’ policy”.

“We allow all hairstyles as long the person is dressed accordingly to venue dress standards,” Ric’s said.

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The Music has reached out to The Chats and Ric’s Bar for further comment.