Brisbane Hardcore Scene 'Almost Gone', Says The Bride Frontman

21 June 2012 | 12:37 pm | Dan Condon

Kevin Schwartz isn't all that happy with the support given to Australian hardcore.

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On the eve of their forthcoming album tour Kevin Schwartz, frontman of Western Sydney hardcore outfit The Bride, has spoken out about the lack of support in the hardcore scene at present, focusing on Brisbane as an example of a scene that he says is “pretty much non-existent”.

“Places like Brisbane, it's pretty much non-existent, the scene's almost gone because venues are closing down all over the place and no one wants to put on hardcore gigs anymore, which sucks,” Schwartz said in an interview with Daniel Cribb, published in this week's Time Off magazine.

But he also laments the lack of support given to his own hometown scene these days.

“Sydney for a long time had, in my opinion, the best hardcore scene in Australia. Unfortunately, it's sort of slowed down a little bit over the last year, two years…”

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But it's not all doom and gloom, Schwartz praised the apparent return of house shows in the scene.

“You're starting to see a lot more house gigs and that kind of thing. Fans are saying 'Hey, come play in my living room and we'll invite everyone and charge a dollar and we'll put sandwiches on.' That's the kind of scene that you saw a couple of years ago, which I think is fantastic, and I think it's great to see it come back now.”

Read the full interview here. The band's national tour kicks off in Brisbane tonight.