Temper Trap: 'U2's The Edge Is "A Bit Rich" To Say We Stole His Sound'

16 May 2012 | 9:02 am | Scott Fitzsimons

The Australian band's frontman jokes that they caused a rift amongst the world's biggest band.

The Temper Trap. Pic by Kane Hibberd

The Temper Trap. Pic by Kane Hibberd

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Lorenzo Stillitto, frontman for Australian indie rock outfit The Temper Trap, has said that he thinks it was "a bit rich" for The Edge, lead guitarist with one of the world's biggest bands, U2, to suggest that he'd stolen his guitar sound.

Referencing comments by The Edge, which later resulted in U2's frontman Bono to come out and publically say he was 'inspired' by The Temper Trap, he Stillitto opened up about the altercation in this week's cover story for The Drum Media.

"I think what The Edge said in the first place was a bit rich to suggest I stole his guitar sound," said Sillitto . "They're definitely an inspiration for me, but so many acts can seep into your subconscious"

He even joked that they'd caused tension and infighting within U2. "Bono said we inspired him and that's really cool, so I just joked [on radio] that we must have caused some infighting."

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Speaking about the bands new self-titled album, which is out this Friday 18 May, he said, "I think this album is much more about how we've changed ourselves and how that's shaped our sound.”