Talk Talk Frontman Mark Hollis Passes Away At 64

26 February 2019 | 11:58 am | Staff Writer

“Musically he was a genius and it was a honour and a privilege to have been in a band with him."

Mark Hollis, frontman of UK outfit Talk Talk, has passed away at the age of 64. 

According to The Guardian, Hollis cousin-in-law, Anthony Costello, revealed the news in a tweet on Monday writing, "Wonderful husband and father. Fascinating and principled man. Retired from the music business 20 years ago but an indefinable musical icon".

Talk Talk bassist Paul Webb took to Instagram this morning to pay tribute to the singer.

"Musically he was a genius and it was a honour and a privilege to have been in a band with him," Webb's post reads.

"I have not seen Mark for many years, but like many musicians of our generation I have been profoundly influenced by his trailblazing musical ideas. He knew how to create depth of feeling with sound and space like no other. He was one of the greats, if not the greatest."

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After unveiling their first single, Mirror Man, Talk Talk quickly followed it up with their debut album, The Party's Over, in 1982. 

The band would go on to release four more studio albums, with the last being 1991's Laughing Stock. They would break up the following year. 

With their 1988-released fourth LP, Spirit Of Eden, Talk Talk's synth-pop sound radically changed and the band experimented with a sound that was later considered an influence on the early post-rock scene.

Some of Talk Talk's best known songs include It's My Life, Such A Shame and the eponymous single Talk Talk

No Doubt famously covered It's My Life in 2003, which landed in the top ten of the US music charts and remained on the Hot 100 list for over six months.

Tributes have begun to flow following news of Hollis' passing this morning.