Sydney Protesters Take To The Streets & Call For End Of Lockout Laws

14 September 2015 | 10:56 am | Staff Writer

Unlock Sydney.

Over 1000 people took to the streets of Sydney yesterday to call for the end of the city's contentious lockout laws.

The protest, conducted by the Reclaim The Streets rally group, made its way from Hyde Park all the way to Kings Cross which included a multi-mobile stage as protesters danced their way through the city. 

Speaking in a prepared statement prior to Sunday's rally, spokesperson Jack London condemned the laws, which have seen the closure of a number of Sydney's most popular bars and clubs due to being unable to combat the loss in business. 

"The lockout laws haven’t reduced alcohol-related violence. They've just moved the problem to Newtown and crippled our city’s nighttime economy," London said.

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"We need smarter responses to this social and cultural problem than treating the entire state like children."

The family-friendly event saw a large number of protesters attend the rally with picket signs, banners and stereos. 

Check out some pics and videos from yesterday's event below.


#reclaimthestreets today was amazing, awesome turn out. Lets get our city back.

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#reclaimthestreets ended just nicely this evening at #taylorsquare #darlinghurst #unlocksydney

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